More than geeks with a camera! We've all seen it before. A fantastic costume shot against a hotel or convention center wall, the flyers taped there demanding equal attention. It breaks the illusion that the cosplayer is somehow actually the character they are so lovingly portraying. But what if we could put them in an environment conducive to their character, completing the fantasy? That's what Sci-Fi Photo Guys is all about! Cosplayers spend hundreds of hours and sometimes thousands of dollars bringing their dreams to life. We provide them with a photo worthy of their time and dedication.

How do we do it?
Celeb photography gone wild! Meeting your hero or heroine from the silver screen or TV is awesome. Getting your photo taken professionally with them is pure gold! But while we all love the memento these photos make, the backgrounds against which they are taken are, to say the least, lack luster at best and sometimes downright awful! That's where Sci-Fi Photo Guys comes in! We make the already awesome experience of getting your photo taken with a celebrity even awesomer (yeah, that's a word, right?) by placing you and the celebrity in a themed background. Sci-Fi Photo Guys does celeb photography like no other!

How do we do it?
Cosplay photography on steroids! With many countless hours of dedication and untold amounts of cash spent on perfecting your costume, you deserve more than a photo taken against a hotel or conference room wall. Sci-Fi Photo Guys wants to help complete your fantasy by showcasing your work in a themed background that enhances your cosplay instead of detracting from it. We do this by photographing you against our green screen, digitally removing the green screen, and then placing you in the background of your choice (we currently have over 300!). We add proper lighting and shadows, as well as any special effects that make the final image zing! Then we POP (Print On Premise), going from photo to print in as little as 10 minutes. This means you can get your photo right there at the convention! No waiting for it to come in the mail (or not arrive at all). What's more, we will also email you a digital copy of your photo at no additional cost so you can post it on your social media pages, blog, or website.

It's really a team effort between
Sci-Fi Photo Guys and you. You provide yourself and we take it to the next level!

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Awesomer celeb photography! We believe 'awesomer' should really be a word. After all, it's the only way to describe the kind of celeb photography we do! It's not good. It's not better. It's AWESOMER! When Sci-Fi Photo Guys does celeb photography, you get to choose from a selection of themed backgrounds (imagine being on the bridge of the Enterprise with Patrick Stewart instead of against a paint splatter backdrop). We POP (Print On Premise) all photos (no mailing!) so you can get the celebrity to sign it at the convention. We're friendly and don't treat you like cattle while waiting in line. We can do all this and still shoot upwards of 400+ photos an hour. And most importantly, we deliver what we promise. Everyone gets their photos. Sci-Fi Photo Guys delivers a superior celeb photo at no additional charge!
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